I’m Jessica, and I’m a nutritionist and health coach. I help women balance their hormones and get their body back on track after an abortion.

My passion for women’s health and reproductive rights began in high school, where I learned about the great divide between health taught in public forums and the kinds of health education available through grassroots women’s groups. My eyes were opened to tools like cycle tracking and the power of tuning into your own body. At this same time, I had friends who became pregnant and had abortions, and were seeking non-existent resources to support their healing.

My own abortion experience happened a decade later, when I was in my twenties, and I was disappointed that there were still no resources available to help women during recovery. It was this one powerful experience that led me to abandon my career in advertising and return to school to study nutrition, with the intent to help women learn how to manage their own bodies and health.

I’ve worked as a nutritionist since 2010, and have studied nutrition in holistic programs as well as at university. My passion for women’s health and wellness has also led me to study health coaching, Traditional Chinese Medicine (shiatsu therapy and acupuncture), and yoga.

My regular practice is over at jessicavonbergen.com. I work with women and hormone balance there, too, and my focus is specifically to help balance hormones to liberate women from dieting and restrictive eating. I started this website and my Whole Woman Wellness program as a way to reach out to women who are in the same exact spot that I was – a hormonal mess, physically stuck, and lacking support.

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