Questions + Answers

My doctor said that what I am going through is normal. What can you do to help?

Just because it’s normal doesn’t mean that you need to accept it, and that you can’t give your body and spirit some support. No matter how you feel about your decision, you’re still healing on an emotional and physical level. Hormones are at the root of the changes your body is experiencing. By nourishing your hormonal systems, you can help to quickly bring balance back to your life.

Your hormones form the foundation of nearly every single bodily function. Sleep, appetite, mood, energy, and weight are all governed by hormones. When one of your hormones is in excess (or deficiency), all the others struggle to bring things back to a balanced state – a state of homeostasis. If the imbalance continues for longer than your body can handle, it’s not uncommon to see seemingly unrelated systems in distress – for example, blood sugar problems leading to thyroid issues.

My experience as a university-educated and holistic nutritionist, as well as my studies of yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine, are how I bring your body back to where it was before this hormonal storm hit. I use tools that I’ve developed through my years of private practice to help your body narrow the swing of the hormonal pendulum, so your emotions will stabilize, your skin will stop breaking out, and you’ll be able to fit back into your jeans – more quickly and smoothly than if your body needed to figure this out alone.

I’d rather people not know that I’ve had an abortion. How do you keep this discreet?

As a health professional, I’m bound to keep our relationship confidential. My records are password-protected, and I will not discuss your situation with anyone else (except in the case of a referral, where I have your express permission to provide information to another practitioner).

All my invoicing and communication is done under my main business name, so your credit card, email, and Skype will all show that you’ve been working with Jessica von BergenĀ (I operate my business under my own name) and my nutrition practice there. I actually don’t have a separate email address or any business accounts for this website – everything goes through You’ll never get a communication, email, or invoice that says Post-Abortion Wellness; anyone that might spy a credit charge or a confirmation email will only see it coming from Jessica von Bergen.

What if I need more specialized counselling?

I know the limits of my expertise. I’m a nutritionist and health coach; I am not a therapist. I encourage you to work with whatever team of people you need in order to feel supported. If you need further emotional support, I have a list of preferred practitioners that work over Skype or telephone, and I am more than happy to provide a referral.