The Program

After I had an abortion, I was a mess. I would cry uncontrollably for no reason, my skin kept breaking out, and all my jeans were too tight. I felt angry and betrayed, but most of all, I felt alone.

I told a couple of friends. My partner was not supportive. Talking to my family (half Mennonite, half Catholic) was not an option.

I tried to find resources to support my healing, and the little that I could find was either covered in flowers and soft-focus rainbows, or full of anger and resentment. I was terrified that I had messed up my body and it would never recover. All I wanted was to get my mind and body back to normal.

I created the Whole Woman Wellness program to support you in the ways you need it the most. By addressing the root cause of your current imbalance – hormones – we’re able to work together to create an effective recovery strategy that helps you heal, puts your body back on track, and sets you up for radiant health.

This program bridges the gaps in a system that is not prepared to effectively deal with abortion recovery, and does it in a safe, non-judgmental way.

What is the Whole Woman Wellness program?

The Whole Woman Wellness program addresses the nutrition and wellness needs of women as they are getting their body and hormones back on track after an abortion.

Everyone’s body responds differently to hormonal shifts, so rather than administering a pre-fabricated program, I create a fully customized health protocol for everyone I work with. I let your body guide our sessions and we focus on the areas where you need the most attention.

Some of the areas we might focus on include:

  • nutrition
  • sleep
  • appetite and cravings
  • mood and emotions
  • weight and body image
  • reproductive health

We’ll meet via Skype or phone for a program that we set up together — we can have as many or as few sessions as makes sense, based on how you’re feeling and what kind of support you need. Each session will last for 45 minutes, and we’ll dig deep into all of your body systems to address your unique situation. Using methods rooted in my training as a nutritionist, yoga teacher, and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, I am able to access a wide variety of healing techniques to develop the most effective plan to enhance your body’s own healing mechanisms – and you can get your body back, your health back, and your life back.

If you’re ready to be yourself again, send me a message, and we can talk about whether this is the right kind of program for you.